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A group of experienced transport engineers and designers have worked on this project for many years and self-financed it. For the first time, the company is looking for various types of funding. Smartskyways is incorporated in the State of Colorado. In order to raise development funds to advance the project, Skyways is looking for investment backing through different arenas. Benefit to the Investor is a ground floor participation in Smartskyways Inc. and an interest in the intellectual property.

Business Model

The Company will act as a packager of a potential route providing the project planning, design, engineering, city approvals, funding placement and construction bidding for a cost + licensing fee for its work. Generally this will start in an urban area and then expand into intercity routes. Funding Smartskyways will sell a 50% ownership in a startup Joint Venture for $25 Million to be paid in over two years. To begin mobilization, $1 million will be need for the first 6 months. During this time a suitable site for $4 million or so will be found to build a test tract. This will require another $6 million to build over next 6 month. The final $14 Million will build a sales model over 12 month period.


A 21st Century Blend of Technologies from urban runabouts (Skyways), High Speed Rail (Skyrail, station distributors, (Trolleys) and short run moving sidewalks: SMART Skyways is an ultra light, elevated, driverless and modular highway in the sky configuration of existing technologies that can operate above the traffic in cities and between them. Skyways has configured methods to connect a high speed line haul route with a local circulator in cities along the route. It can switch on the fly between HSR and rubber in cities for collection and distribution of passengers and cargo thorough out the cities. Thus, the feeding of High Speed Rail with many stations instead of just a single station per town becomes a solution. Above the ground, it can still function in floods, snow, heavy rains and very high winds that would knock out other ground based systems. Skyways runs on a 7’ wide by 70’ long concrete highway in the sky that supplies power, controls and captures the vehicles to the road. It can accommodate many types of vehicles just as a highway can. See our web site www.smartskyways.com The mission is to advance the technology with construction drawings, a scaled prototype, a full scale mockup of three 70’ modular sections and purchase a suitable site for a test track/sales model. The South American Investors that we are currently communicating with for the Olympic Model will also have a demonstration model.

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