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Innovative Tech Incubator

We are a technologies incubator that is seeking 5 million USD to spark funding for research on atmospheric water generation, green energy solutions for 3rd world countries, alternative transportation systems and Oasis Machine pedestrian communities. Our team consists of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs working towards a sustainable future.

$5 Million Lab Can Incubate $5 Billion

A $5 Million Lab Can Incubate $5 Billion in Revenue Bonds

Over 5 Years Following These 5 Steps


Transportation solutions for the future. Guided elevated transport that have "smart" behaviour and off-line stations. $25 Million over three years.

SmartSkyways Climate-Tech Park


A Public Benefit Corporation That Builds a Working Model In One of Three Cities.

Consortium Brief


OASIS VILLAGES | 100 hundred acre new communities linked together by Skyways in rural & farming areas.

Oasis Village Brief


Network, Learn, and Win! Our membership offers unparalleled value (only $100/month): Attend industry conferences, collaborate on research, build winning teams.

Over 100 Years Combined Experience

Our Team

Don Deptowicz - with 40 years of experience, will oversee the Research Lab. His extensive background includes working on various technology projects, such as hydrogen motors, aircraft coatings, and other technological endeavors.


Lloyd Goff - Managing Member, brings 53 years of experience as a development project packager. In this new venture, he will serve as the Business Manager.


Daren Dozier - A Career IT Professional with over 20 years of experience. He spent years working on large projects for Haliburton Energy Services, US Marine Corps, Live Nation and Others. He brings a wide array of computer and technology knowledge to the table.


Our Mission

To create a demonstration proof of concept that caters to three markets: water, hydrogen, and electricity. Next, we aim to conduct a National Test in collaboration with a state like New Mexico. The goal is to purchase 1,000 Oasis Machines for $20 million, with potential of federal agency assistance. These machines will be deployed along 150 miles of the Rio Grande River, spanning from Albuquerque to the Colorado State line.

Find Us Here!

Our map section is designed to guide you straight to our Technology Development company's headquarters. We encourage all tech enthusiasts, potential clients, and partners to come and visit us. Our doors are always open to those who are interested in innovation and progress. Use the map to find the quickest route to us. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can shape the future of technology together.

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