A $5 Million Lab Can Incubate $5 Billion in Revenue Bonds Over 5 Years Following These Steps

STEP 1 | Oasis Machines

A 5 Million Dollar Research Lab Venture

All ventures start with $1 Million.

STEP 2 | Smart Skyways

Transportation solutions for the future. Guided elevated transport that have "smart" behaviour and off-line stations. $25 Million over three years.

STEP 3 | Brain Trust

Members paying ($100 per month) will interact with conferences, share research and form teams.

STEP 4 | $250 Million Pubilic Benefit Corp

STEP 5 | Examples For A $5 Billion National Test

Transport Ripple Effects | P.A.C.T.

Pan-American Corridor Trade Backbone

15000 Mile visualization of a route from South America to Canada

Real Estate Ripple Effects | Oasis Villages

150 to 200 hundred acre new communities linked together by Skyways in rural & farming areas.